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Kipp and Christian, P.C.
10 Exchange Place, Fourth Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111



Carman E. Kipp, (1927-2002).

Gregory J. Sanders

Personal Injury Litigation; Product Liability Law; Professional Malpractice

Heinz J. Mahler

Personal Injury Law; Insurance Litigation; Environmental Law; Transportation Law

Michael F. Skolnick
Commercial Litigation; Professional Malpractice; Products Liability Law; Personal Injury; Civil Litigation

Shawn McGarry

Corporate Law; Commercial Litigation; Personal Injury Litigation; Insurance Defense Law

Kirk G. Gibbs

Insurance Defense; Insurance Litigation; Professional Malpractice Defense; Commercial Litigation; Personal Injury; General Civil Law

Nan T. Bassett

Civil Litigation; Employment Law; Products Liability

Gary T. Wight

Professional Malpractice; General Practice; Commercial Law

Patrick C. Burt

Commercial Litigation; Professional Malpractice; Products Liability Law; Personal Injury; Civil Litigation.

Smith D. Monson

Construction Defect; Transportation Law; Medical Malpractice; Professional Malpractice; Personal Injury; Commercial Litigation; General Civil Litigation.

Chelsey E. Phippen

Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation; Products Liability Law; Personal Injury; Premises Liability; Civil Litigation

David R. Garner

Practice Areas: Products Liability Litigation; Employment Law; Professional Malpractice; Commercial Litigation; Personal Injury; Construction Defect; Civil Litigation

Jeremy Speckhals

Practice Areas: Commercial Litigation; Professional Malpractice; Products Liability Law; Personal Injury; and Civil Litigation

Medical Malpractice Defense, Employment, Commercial Litigation, Professional Malpractice Defense, Construction Defense, Products Liability, Trucking Liability, Premises Liability, Personal Injury Litigation, Insurance Coverage